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Carnegie Science Center

Wild By Design: Innovations from A to Zoo
Explore how the physics of whale flippers are improving wind turbine designs, and test a “gravity-defying” slow motion slinky to study how innovative robot arms are inspired by an elephant’s trunk.

Ion Jones and the Lost Castle of Chemistry
Discover the hidden treasures of chemistry in this action-packed adventure. Team up with “Ion” Jones and real PPG scientists on a global quest to collect the elements.

Rockin’ Robots: World Tour
Meet Quasi the Robot, a childlike animatronic robot who dreams of adventure, and help him design and deploy a heroic band of ‘bots to help humanity.

Forces, Matter and Motion!
Take part in high impact demonstrations of Newton’s Laws as this show smashes, crashes, and blasts you on a tour of universal forces and ever-changing forms of energy.

Fire and Ice
Students learn about combustion and the fire triangle, then see what happens when objects are frozen at 320° below zero in liquid nitrogen.

Light Fantastic
Explore the chemistry of color in an interactive show themed to the Periodic Table of Elements.

Amazing Bugs
Join us to explore the nature of these helpful, sometimes harmful, always amazing bugs.

Grand Slam Science:
Immerse students in larger-than-life science experiments connecting a love of America’s favorite pastime, baseball, with science! Proceed through the show in interactive “innings,” – themed to physics, biology, materials science and mathematics that will compose a one-of-a-kind experience.

Anatomy Adventure:
Journey through the bloodstream to learn about human body systems through the "eyes" of a miniature robotic probe. . Explore the heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, skeletal muscles, eyes, and brain. Learn how positive food and fitness choices help to build a better body from the inside out!

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